Case Study



Wheaton Industries provides innovative solutions for the laboratory research, diagnostic packaging and speciality pharmaceuticals industries. Established in the USA for over 100 years, they recently acquired UK company, LSL. LSL was itself established in UK markets, nevertheless, the company’s desire was to rebrand the UK arm to come under the Wheaton name. 


Without any previous exposure to the UK market, Wheaton UK looked to create a distinct UK presence online, create visibility and brand exposure through content marketing and relevant social media, with a view to a full e-commerce development and ERP integration, sitting alongside the U.S.- based website.


After initial analysis, a programme of site wide “long tail“ search combined with content marketing initiatives aimed at creating authoritative content uniquely for the UK site. This was further supported by a Google pay-per-click campaign to further raise brand and product awareness prior to a UK e-commerce launch. Appropriate social media marketing on appropriate platforms was further used to create significant profile and traffic in Wheaton’s UK sector. This included Twitter promotion, organic follower increase as well as LinkedIn forum participation and content promotion.


As a result, the Wheaton brand is now generating traffic and creating brand awareness amongst their target professional audience. Due to BackboneITGroup’s performance, they are now tasked with the full e-commerce development for Wheaton’s UK site. This is to include full software solution development to enable online payment and to develop integration from the website to the companies in-house ERP software system.


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