Case Study

The Peel Group


The Peel Group is a major UK infrastructure, real estate and leisure provider with assets of £1.6 billion and are responsible for developments such as BBC Media City, the Trafford Centre and the Liverpool Waterfront. 


Serving as a trading gateway to the UK and Europe, Peel were developing an International Trade Centre, aiding client tenants form emerging ecoomies to sell goods to the EU This government-supported facility was to be the first of its kind in Europe The Peel Group was to embark upon marketing activity aimed at Chinese businesses in order to raise the profile of the ITC.


Backbone IT Group were approached as a specialist consultant for the China region with regard to digital marketing. This included website localisation to maximise branding amongst the intended business audience in China in addition to providing marketing strategies to createawareness and elicit contact / enquiries from Chinese businesses. In addition, Backbone IT Group provided suitable Asian hosting in order to overcome UK hosting load time issues.



Our user focus groups provided feedback on web design aspects, strength and weaknesses of the market presentation which were fed back to the Peel team in the UK. Fundamental changes to layout, navigation, colour scheme and presentation were necessary along with a promotional focus to impress the China business user. Further marketing stategies using top level Chinese business contacts were provided.


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