Privacy Policy

We aim to keep our privacy policy straight forward and uncluttered, in terms of your engagement with this website or regarding any communication with our company. Legal-speak and small fonts are avoided.


This website does store cookies, but only 'session cookies' which help the general working of the site. This includes tracking cookies which help us monitor which pages readers find useful and help us identify what information our website visitors find valuable. Cookies record time, IP address and other technical information but absolutely no personal data (e.g. your name) is gathered in this process and this data is purely for the functioning of the website.

Your personal data

If you submit an inquiry or email using this website, your details are used by our staff purely to respond to you as a result of your request. Your data may be stored by us for inclusion in our newsletters and electronic mailing in future. This data is not passed to 3rd parties. Data you transmit to us is at your own risk. 

Further Contact

After your initial inquiry, we may use your information to send further communications about your area of interest, our services and other news which may be of interest to you. We adhere to ICO guidelines regarding electronic communications. The ability to unsubscribe is provided with all electronic communications and requests to unsubscribe are strictly adhered to and auto-managed.

3rd Parties

We don't sell or pass your data to third parties, ever.


The information on this website is intended to inform and make readers aware of our company, its services and other areas of interest in the the sectors in which we operate. It is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but no liability is accepted for its accuracy.

No information on this website forms any contract between our company and you at any point. Services you purchase from us are dealt with through direct contact and through contracts and agreements which are made as a result of that direct contact.

Where you data is stored

Cookie data is stored on our web servers. In the case of this website, that is on our web servers in the UK. Enquiry data is held in our UK head office, offline and is not available via the cloud or any external access. We aim to keep your personal data as secure as possible once received.


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