Enable your company to sell to the Chinese consumer
Unlock the power of trading directly in Yuan

E-Commerce & Alipay Integration

China represents the most exciting and lucrative growth market for online goods to be found anywhere in the world with an expanding middle class of cash-rich professionals, eager to spend their newfound wealth on aspirational lifestyle products.

With E-commerce, you don't necessarily need to establish a Chinese legal entity nor go down the high-cost bricks-and-morar route. with its high costs. Setting up to take online payment - either via e-commerce portals or via your own website, can offer an attractive way to unlock the Chinese market.

Selling directly in China in local currency is important to reach consumers. Despite Chinese currency controls affecting repatriation of money into Western currency, using our Chinese payment partners, your business can benefit from an payment platform enabling repatriation of funds directly to your business account in the West.

Working with China's largest payment provider Alipay, we'll integrate your e-commerce store to trade in Chinese RMB. With a payment and order administration in English, no Chinese legal entity is required and this can be set up using your Western company. 

Recognised Payment Provider

You'll be set up with a direct contract with China's biggest and most trusted payment provider Alipay - boasting 400 million users as of 2016 with revenues which make PayPal pale in comparison.

Smooth Set-Up Procedures

Naturally, set up requires official contracts and software integration requirements differ to most Westerm payment provider. Our team will sort that out as part of our service to you.

Trusted Payment Platform

Many companies struggle with repatriation money out of China, but you don't need to. China isn't a democracy and it's not a level playing field. Visa, Mastercard and others don't get a look in, so make sure your website is integrated with the most trusted payment system in China.


Existing software or new venture, we can code your new service platform or consult on existing platform deployment in China.


Serving websites quickly to both China and home markets is achievable. Irrespective of your requirements, there's a solution.


Consumer trials, opinion leader outreach, WeChat stores & E-commerce payment integration are all part of an effective digital strategy.


We can serve your other export languages too. Easy-to-manage, easy to scale, delivered through one CMS platform.