China reaffirms commitment to carbon neutrality

China reaffirms commitment to carbon neutrality

November 2022

China reaffirms commitment to carbon neutrality

As COP 27 progresses in China this week, China's special climate envoy has reaffirmed the country's ongoing commitment to achieve climate neutrality.

Envoy Xie Zhenhua has assured assembled global leaders that China remains committed to achieving strict carbon goals and to working collaboratively with the USA to tackle climate change.

He added that Beijing believes that cooperation and multilateralism are both vital in solving the world's climate and environmental issues. Xie Zhenhua told delegates that China was 'firmly determined' to achieve its vision of a carbon-neutral future, regardless of the challenges faced. He spoke of the country's latest strategy to minimise methane emissions, in line with its promise made at COP 26 last year in Glasgow. The strategy focuses on methane emission reductions in agriculture and energy, along with better waste management.

President Jin Liqun of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) also addressed the UN climate summit, to reiterate that China and the AIIB's 104 other members remained focused and committed to Net Zero. China plans to achieve this by 2060, despite currently having the highest emissions of fossil fuel in the world.

The AIIB, which is backed by China, is focused on building technology and infrastructure that is climate-resilient, with almost 50% of its finance directed towards tools and advancement that will mitigate climate change.

Topics such as environmental damage and loss are key priorities at this year's COP 27 in Sharm-el-Sheikh. Developing countries with low carbon emissions are demanding that their higher-emitting counterparts make financial reparations for climate damage.


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