Visions & Values
How we align with your needs

Export markets are exciting and challenging and present huge opportunities. Our 20+ years experience in China is invaluable in helping clients across all sectors make a success of that market.

There are reasons beyond that which explain why most of our clients are long-term clients, some for over a decade. This is despite our service contracts only needing one month's cancellation. Our clients trust us. Our vision and values make us extremely well-placed to ensure companies with global operations achieve successful outcomes.

Your success is our success

We also know that true growth for us comes in serving our clients with what is best for them. With no long-term contracts, tie-ins or licences, our company remains committed to the value of service to you, the client. Help our clients grow because that helps us grow.

We're not a new company. With 25 years of serving companies in the world of the web, it's proof we stay agile and we exceed our customers' expectations.

Building positive relationships

We look forward to working with others, especially facilitating understanding between global and Chinese in-house teams. We're always happy to work with your 3rd development suppliers to help them deliver better for you. We always look to reach out, not lock in. Communication and proactivity are important to us.

Helping you take the right decision

Our primary mission is about you. 'Help the customer make the right decision' is our motto. Forget sales targets and off-the-shelf solutions, for us it's about achieving your firm's goals.

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