Licensing & domain registration with attention to detail
Tick the right boxes & own your IP

Ownership is ten-tenths of the law

If your company is serious about the Chinese market, you'll be serious in making sure '.cn' domains are properly registered to your company.

China URL registration procedures are fully accessible to foreign companies - but the paperwork is needed to be submitted to ensure URLs are legally in your company's name.

Together with the ability to acquire the necessary ICP licenses to host officially within China, we can get your online presence up and running quickly. And for lighter touch regulation, Hong Kong also offers an attractive option.

Cheap online .cn registration sites exist - but if you've submitted no paperwork, one thing's for sure - the URL is owned by someone else.

Care and Attention

Registering for domains online usually means a proxy party registering your domain in China on your behalf. If you've been asked to provide little or no documentation, you can be sure your company won't be the legal owner. When the extra cost to file properly is marginal, why take the risk?

What is an ICP?

An ICP license is short for 'Internet Content Provider' license or ICP备案 issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry & IT (MIIT). These are available to those with some physical presence in China. If that's you, great. If not, Hong Kong can offer a good alternative with no ICP needed.

Time Changes Everything

All of what we write here is correct today. But as a company around for 20 years, 15 of those in China, the laws, regulations and what a company may or may not do changes very quickly. Sometimes this is for the better, sometimes not. Get in touch for the latest updates.


Existing software or new venture, we can code your new service platform or consult on existing platform deployment in China.


Serving websites quickly to both China and home markets is achievable. Irrespective of your requirements, there's a solution.


Consumer trials, opinion leader outreach, WeChat stores & E-commerce payment integration are all part of an effective digital strategy.


We can serve your other export languages too. Easy-to-manage, easy to scale, delivered through one CMS platform.