High performance web hosting with advanced threat protection and secure backups
China and Hong Kong

Managed Web Hosting

Delivering your company's website across China's vast infrastructure requires specialism. It's politically sensitive, digitally challenging and geographically huge. That's where we can help.

If your company is serious about the Chinese market, you'll be serious in knowing how quickly your site loads. We provide hosting solutions for companies intending hosting outside China as well as within.

Our corporate clients often have expanded globally but realize that the Chinese market presents a unique set of issues. Slow loading, high latency, hanging database driven pages and functionality time-outs are common problems.

Great websites are nothing without the speed and reliability to back them up. As part of our service, we offer a managed hosting package that looks after all of the things that bargain basement web hosts do not.

China or Hong Kong

There are advantages in both hosting options. Hong Kong hosting has excellent connectivity to mainland China without the government red tape. It's simpler & a great option for those without in-house teams or partners on the ground in China.

Chinese hosting and your own approved ICP license is the right choice for those companies wanting to compete directly with domestic providers. Our service provides excellent connectivity throughout the country's different network regions.

We can also provide options to host key aspects of your company website in China even without an ICP. This maximizes speed of delivery without the red tape. Get in touch to find out more.

Back It Up

Should the worst happen and your website needs to be recovered, you will be able to restore from our regular backups. We backup our servers automatically to remote secure locations - both online and offline - so your data stays safe even in the event of multiple points of failure.

Threat Monitoring & Mitigation

If your website is vital to your business you will want a service that can actively screen out threats before they can knock you offline, and adapt quickly to changing website requirements. Actively monitoring our servers allows us to quickly identify threats to your website uptime and take the necessary action. This could be an external threat, such as attempted malware injection or bot attacks, or high user activity that requires extra server resources.


Existing software or new venture, we can code your new service platform or consult on existing platform deployment in China.


Serving websites quickly to both China and home markets is achievable. Irrespective of your requirements, there's a solution.


Consumer trials, opinion leader outreach, WeChat stores & E-commerce payment integration are all part of an effective digital strategy.


We can serve your other export languages too. Easy-to-manage, easy to scale, delivered through one CMS platform.