Managed high-availability China server infrastructure

Combine performance, security & reliability in your China web infrastructure

Maintained server & CDNs with support and recovery

We aim to give you total peace of mind with a server support service delivered to Western standards. Our managed server solutions offer premium China server infrastructure performance configured to meet your requirements.

Speed & reliability

Web server hosting in China is all about providing speed to end users whilst maintaining professional standards with high availability & reliability. This can be tricky to find due to different expectations amongst local providers, where visibility, control, customer focus and quality of service can be lacking.

With us, a Western-based team lead will be your point of contact. You'll have a full schedule of ongoing maintenance to ensure server health for optimum performance. From complex server clusters to simple shared hosting set-ups, all services come fully maintained as standard. Infrastructure can be dovetailed with a range of other requirements such as local China CDN configuration, remote server data syncing and load balancing. 

Remote back-up & recovery

Global businesses are aware of the risks posed by China's unique legislation and censorship online. More recently, the focus is not only on performance and censorship, it's about data. The challenges are two-fold. Firstly, you need to protect your data and assets from any seizure by the authorities - a rare occurrence, but it happens. Secondly, your company will need to comply with China's data security laws.

Our approach is simple. We need to ensure you are in full control at all times, so that's why all live web data is backed-up on a rolling schedule to locations outside China. This mitigates our clients' risk and provides the ability to recover all assets quickly should any censorship or removal of access occur at authority level.

Reliability is paramount and it is essential systems are kept up to date. Rolling backups, 24/7 monitoring and disk snapshots provide additional operational security. We keep the dependability of your managed server strong with an ongoing programme of security patch updates, upgrades and full remote back-up.

AWS, Alibaba Cloud & Azure

We offer 3 flavours of server management in China, AWS, Alibaba Cloud & Azure.

AWS China servers offer a familiar environment for companies using Amazon Web Services in the West. Server management control panels and configuration options all have a similar look and feel. Perfect for you if familiarity is important so you can get up and running as quickly as possible.

Azure offers a similar sense of reassurance. We provide and manage China Azure virtual machines, and support services and deployment.

Alibaba Cloud offers an option less familiar in the West than the others. Nevertheless, it not only competes extremely well with the other options but has the huge advantage of being 'China-first'. Alibaba Cloud (also known as Aliyun) is headquartered in China. Alibaba Cloud is totally conversant with the local operating environment and legislation and, as a Chinese company, can operate on its own infrastructure.

The other two options mentioned, AWS and Azure, are piggybacking on local Chinese providers' networks. Digital infrastructure is seen to be important in national security terms so Chinese authorities do not permit AWS and Azure to operate directly within China themselves. Their control panel environments are superimposed on a Chinese partner's infrastructure and as such, are an approximation of the Western environments. They do not directly control their own infrastructure.

If you have a clean slate to make your choice, AlibabaCloud offers localised infrastructure and significantly greater expertise for China. They also have a global operation if your organisation has combined global and Chinese requirements.

China & global CDN

CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) speed up website performance by using a global network of servers to cache and distribute your website files around the world. Your website's static files are served to users from a server near to them where they are rather than from where your web server is located. It speeds up your web performance significantly for your users.

CDNs exist in China but have their own legislation. Using a Western-based CDN will reach the entire world except for China. China Mainland CDNs are available through both Chinese and Western companies but similar to China server hosting, Western companies can't operate directly and have to piggyback their services on a Chinese provider. There's also an additional catch: Your organisation will need to sort out your own ICP license to use a CDN within China, currently available only if you have a Chinese company.

We provide various solutions:

  • China-specific CDNs for companies with an existing legal presence within China.
  • Global CDNs to speed up Rest-of-World content. This brings server content as quickly as possible up to the border of mainland China (also known as 'rim servers').
  • Linked China and global CDNs offering total global coverage from one single server location
  • Bespoke China CDN alternatives for companies with no Chinese licence still needing CDN or hosting solutions within China. Enquire directly for more about this service.

Full details about our China CDN options can be found by clicking here.

Data compliance

China has introduced large-scale changes regarding the regulations for the protection of Chinese internet users’ personal information. As an international company operating in China, you’ll need to quickly adapt to stay on the right side of Chinese law. Known in English as ‘PIPL’, the 'Personal Information Protection Law' is China’s equivalent of the EU’s GDPR or California’s CCPA. It concerns how businesses may use Chinese citizens’ personal information. You'll need to be compliant.

We can take this burden from you and build that into your service. Further details about PIPL and Chinese data privacy compliance are available here.

To set up or discuss China servers and hosting, support and maintenance or CDN provision, get in touch with our team.

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