China web speed & performance

Align your web assets for super-quick delivery across the Chinese mainland

To reach Chinese users, you'll be serious about delivering your company web assets to a similar standard as in the West. But with censorship slowing things down, an extra layer of complexity is added.

Identify quick wins in code optimisation with our team for improved speed.

Improve web speed

Optimise your back-end code to serve local users with lightning speed. We understand web speed in China.

Test in China

The testing of a web-based solution from within China is key for a quick user experience. Our engineers are on the ground.

Global standards

We believe going to market in China’s digital world shouldn't mean a loss of project visibility or control. Western-based project management is standard with our service.

China & HK hosting options

We support full hosting and maintenance in China or Hong Kong.  We'll guide you to make the correct choice for your web project and company status.

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Ensure global brand consistency while mitigating risk with fall-back planning needed to operate in China's censored environment


Quickly adapt to stay on the right side of Chinese law with robust regulation compliance. Comply with China's large scale changes to corporate and personal data.

Marketing & PPC

Focus your paid strategy to effectively target the business user. Gain Baidu PPC exposure with full English-language KPI reviews on your campaign’s success.