Baidu PPC management

Be seen on China's largest search engine

Convert leads with Baidu PPC

Baidu is China's biggest search engine and a vital part of establishing an online presence. With Google blocked in China, Baidu PPC can give you instant exposure to a Chinese audience.

Be seen quickly

Baidu PPC can be quickly set up to gain online exposure & fine-tuned to hit your intended audience.

Easy set-up

Baidu's setup is a complex process compared to Google but our team smooths out the application process.

English stats & reporting

Our Baidu service provides regular stats & reporting to your marketing team in English enabling company-wide visibility.

Conversion performance

Baidu 'Jimuyu' pages - quick-performing landing pages hosted by Baidu - additionally enhance your campaign for maximum conversion.

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Ensure global brand consistency while mitigating risk with fall-back planning needed to operate in China's censored environment


Quickly adapt to stay on the right side of Chinese law with robust regulation compliance. Comply with China's large scale changes to corporate and personal data.

Marketing & PPC

Focus your paid strategy to effectively target the business user. Gain Baidu PPC exposure with full English-language KPI reviews on your campaign’s success.