Full maintenance packages for China-hosted websites & software

Effortlessly manage your Chinese digital assets

Easily manage, maintain & update

With the best will in the world, content quickly gets out of date. Global updates don't filter through to your company's China web presence or staff just get too busy.

We offer a proactively-managed China web maintenance package that looks after all of the things you need to keep your digital assets updated - content, web software & hosting.

Content updates

Any content or layout changes are undertaken as often as you need. Keep everything up-to-date effortlessly.

Additional coding included

Do you hate it when that 'will cost extra'? Quick updates and coding changes are undertaken quickly at no extra cost.

Bug fixing

Unmanaged web software develops glitches. They just do - that's life. We're on hand to quickly fix any annoying bugs.

Tech audits

Appearances matter. Give your potential clients confidence, and avoid broken links, inactive buttons or non-functioning forms with our China tech audit programme.

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Ensure global brand consistency while mitigating risk with fall-back planning needed to operate in China's censored environment


Quickly adapt to stay on the right side of Chinese law with robust regulation compliance. Comply with China's large scale changes to corporate and personal data.

Marketing & PPC

Focus your paid strategy to effectively target the business user. Gain Baidu PPC exposure with full English-language KPI reviews on your campaign’s success.