Multilingual CMS websites

Effortlessly build and maintain your multilingual company website though one CMS

Speak your customers' language

Our solutions help lower the cost of creating multiple language instances of the same website, along with easing the management of content across the different langauge versions. For companies operating in multiple countries, a fully localised website will support the efforts of your overseas staff in retaining and acquiring clients in-country.

Save time with a central administration

Your CMS system can be coded so all language administration areas can be reached through one central panel, irrespective of different URLs used on the front end. There's no need to log in and out of different systems when making changes in different languages. Your staff can be given administration and content editing rights limited to specific country sections depending on their location or responsibilities.

Easily scale

The multilingual technology underpinning our CMS development is built to easily create new language versions of your website. We believe that scaling or adding new country areas to your online web portfolio shouldn't be a costly or huge undertaking.

Intelligent page linking forms an important part of our build and management process. As a user, there's nothing more infuriating than being fired back to the homepage when switching languages. Search engine results can direct speakers of other languages to enter your site via the English language version first, so equivalent pages from each country section are linked and the user stays on the relevant page as they toggle to their own language.

Ensure high availability

Our professional web servers ensure high availability & reliability for global web hosting. A full schedule of ongoing maintenance ensures server health for optimum performance. From complex server clusters to simple shared hosting set-ups, all services come fully maintained as standard. Infrastructure can be dovetailed with a range of other requirements such as local CDN configuration, remote server data syncing and load balancing.

Our support services can be configured to include:

  • Website design or development time
  • Maintenance HTML/ CSS or PHP coding
  • Existing page template modification
  • Content, image amendments & upload
  • New page and layout development

Quality translation

We deal in professional, human translation which reads naturally whilst representing accurately what you need to say. Skilled translators work traditionally, avoiding reliance on machine translation. Creating the right impression with your target customers is important and our translation team delivers with this in mind.

Localise everywhere including China

If China makes up part of your multi-language web offering, this is where Backbone IT Group excels. With our unrivalled China knowledge gained over more than 20 years, we can guide you to make the correct CMS development choices to serve inside mainland China.

For further questions on how our multi-lingual web service can help your business, enquire now.

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