Baidu PPC and Jimuyu management

Use China's largest search engine to be seen & create leads

Baidu Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Baidu offers instant visibility to potential cleints. Your company's visibility here forms part of their online decision-making process on the road to enquiry. Baidu is China's biggest search engine and a vital part of establishing an online presence.

Your account will be expertly set up and tuned by our team for maximum exposure & performance using the correct mix of the available options. Select from from PPC text ads, permanent ads, dispaly ads, featured ads or Baidu-optimised Jimuyu pages.

Set-up with Baidu PPC

Overseas firms can set up a Baidu PPC account, so it doesn't matter where in the world you are based. Our team sort out the account set-up process and any official paperwork required. It's not as straightforward as Google's PPC procedure, but we'll smooth out the process for you.

Our keyword research and competitor benchmarking process is extensive and will ensure prominence for your company above other competitors. It will uncover your online target market, how they search, which terms have the most traffic and also reveal your competitors' approach to keywords. Getting the foundations right is just as important as ongoing management.

Configure your ads

There are various options to choose from when configuring a Baidu PPC account. These can be reviewed and added to as your Baidu PPC campaign progresses. Some of the options are:

  • Text adverts - the standard form of PPC listing with clickable call-to-action title and description. These can be optimised to hit specific cities and areas within China or can be weighted to show at specific times of the day;
  • Picture ads - the addition of a logo or image thumbnail to create greater prominence;
  • Phone click component - a higher conversion rate comes from phone calls than website enquiry forms, so if you have a manned China phone number, this option will generate enquiries;
  • Permanent company ads - a fixed fee to buy a permanent ad position for specific keywords. Lock in your company visibility for chosen search terms;
  • Jimuyu pages - a Baidu-own initiative to optimise pages for conversion. These pages are template-driven pages hosted by Baidu - quick-loading and fine-tuned for mobile.

Gain insights with English-language metrics

For Western-headquartered marketing teams, China can end up being a silo, especially as Baidu's reporting is only available in Chinese. It prevents visibility regarding China marketing performance and inhibits senior teams from interpreting marketing insights.

Our Baidu PPC service provides regular reporting for your global teams. This features both executive summaries and at-a-glance reports. Complete data sets are also provided for deeper analysis. All reporting is in English.

Lever the power of Baidu Jimuyu

Jimuyu (基木鱼) is a landing page concept developed and hosted by Baidu. Jimuyu landing pages are created from templates provided in Baidu's system and modified to replicate the look and feel of your website. They offer the user a fully mobile-optimised page and a more focused experience. Jimuyu pages are ultimately designed to encourage call-to-action and can link through to your parent website or WeChat.

Jimuyu pages were developed in part to help Baidu control access to website advertising via PPC. In the censored world of China, Baidu has a responsibility to ensure they are not driving advertising traffic to companies which should be regulated or which are deemed to be illegal. With Jimuyu, controlling the landing page hosting, it is now an easy job for Baidu to regulate and switch off non-compliant websites.

All of this has an upside. Short on time, manpower or experience, many companies don't invest thoroughly in a quick, localised, mobile-first China website. Such websites provide a poor user experience for users of Baidu but also have conversion rates far, far below what can be achieved.

A Jimuyu page gets around this issue. The user gets a super quick page - it's hosted by Baidu. They get a mobile- and conversion-optimised page. The page is based on Baidu templates which use insights gained from their vast data-gathering process. This leads to better lead generation for your business.

Used correctly, Jimuyu pages are a powerful part of gaining conversion through PPC.

Get visibility on other search engines

Baidu isn't the only option in China as far as search engines go. Its once unassailable 80% market share has fallen as other local Chinese search engines have grown. We'll naturally optimise and report on rankings for 360 Search and Sogou search engines, too. That way, your business will have most of the market covered.

To start your lead generaration via Baidu PPC or to have your questions regarding Jimuyu answered, get in touch with us. We look forward to your enquiry.

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