Fully maintained website service for China

Effortlessly manage your China digital assets

Easily manage, maintain & update

We have your web site & support needs covered with ongoing maintenance, be it support for small website development tasks, help with front-end changes or new functionality. Included in one convenient package to help you manage costs.

Keep fully updated

As your global brand gets design refreshes or content and service modifications, our team will help keep your Chinese presence in step. With one fixed monthly cost, our web maintenance packages include:

  • Website design or development time
  • Maintenance HTML/ CSS or quick-task PHP coding
  • Existing page template modification
  • Content, image amendments & upload
  • New page creation and layout amendments

Commonly, web maintenance is combined with a fully-maintained server infrastructure service. It keeps you covered with server security and update patches, 24/7 uptime monitoring, full remote back-ups, infrastructure penetration testing and disaster recovery. Read more about these complementary services here.

Inspire confidence

A tech audit tracks down things that, if left, soon lead to making your corporate China presence look unloved and inactive. We keep on top of that so your company can inspire confidence in prospective clients.

Typically undertaken on a monthly basis, it includes:

  • China web delivery speed testing
  • Broken link checks & site crawls
  • Configuration and operationality check of analytics packages 
  • Correct functioning of contact methods, social linking and enquiry forms
  • Active China-West API maintenance

Stay Secure

Updating software is key to keeping your systems secure and robust. Security is an important issue, especially when dealing with Open Source software and CMS packages. Hackers are constantly finding ways to exploit vulnerabilities so developers stay one step ahead by continually releasing upgrades to core CMS and plug-in code.

China-hosted websites can present additional issues. Automatic updates of new software releases can fail due to censorship timeout issues or due to Western CMS update systems blocking Chinese IPs. This is where our team comes in, constantly checking the safe operation and up-to-date status of your web software. This involves undertaking any upgrades manually should censorship block any security upgrades.

With well over 20 years of software development experience in China and the West, we have a track record of successful projects. Attention to detail and local specialism form the backbone of what we do.

For further questions on how our service can help your business, get in touch with us and our team will be glad to help.

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