Website load speed & performance optimisation

Speed up your online presence in China

Web code optimisation to provide lightning-quick load speed within China

Chinese censorship slows things down. For companies who are used to serving clients in Western markets, the performance issues that come as they move East can be a shock. 

To engage effectively with the Chinese market, you'll need have as high standards as in the West. With 20+ years experience in China, we solve the latency and cencorship problems associated with China's internet.

Solve load performance issues

China-based testing by our technical engineers provides load performance insights to deliver improvements for your service.

To Western web teams not used to this market, China throws up unexpected and sometimes illogical challenges. There are many reasons why a site may be slow in China. Here are the usual suspects:

  • Site coding causing latency and lag
  • Assets blocked to or from China
  • Website loading requiring access to Western-hosted data
  • Hosting/web server performance
  • Hosting location
  • Passive or active censorship

With two decades of experience, we can solve whatever might hold your service back.

Code for performance

Direct censorship does happen in China, which prevents a site from displaying completely. However, it's not very common and is rarely the reason for poor web performance.

In many cases, slow performance is down to web teams' own limited China knowledge and their use of common, Western-centric design processes. In some cases, the correct advice or simple code changes can create that needed performance boost.

With our niche specialism in this area, we know the need to completely recode a site is rare. The process usually involves removing, reworking or adapting existing code blocks identified as problematic, with little or no downtime on your company operations. Use our team's experience to hunt down the causes of your site's slow China web performance.

Test in China

Western web programming teams commonly employ Google speed optimisation tools to deliver user improvements. These tools provide inaccurate results when China is in the frame as they don't consider factors from an internal Chinese standpoint. Political sensitivities mean it's not a market these US internet giants will be pursuing anytime soon.

One of the advantages of working with our team is that your project can be fully tested 'in the wild' in China, using local speed inspection tools similar, both in web server data centres as well as using direct human home/office-based trials. This identifies China-specific issues and assists our team to trim data size and improve your page load efficiency.

"I've been told we need to host in China"

This is one of the most common things we hear from enquiring clients at Backbone IT Group. Hosting in China can certainly help, but in most cases, this is not the reason a website is slow there. Many badly-performing websites continue to perform badly when moved inside China.

It's perfectly possible to host a website outside Mainland China and for it still to perform well within. With the option to host legally in China only available to companies with a Chinese business license, be aware that for many companies, hosting outside China is the only option. By identifying which aspects are directly causing you problems, our service aims to provide a super-fast China website hosted in or out of China. We've done this for clients many times and forms part of our company's specialism.

This is where Hong Kong hosting can come in. Currently, Hong Kong sits outside the censorship territory of China and requires no Chinese business license, but has the advantage of geographical proximity. We offer both China and Hong Kong hosting options, and can optimise sites for speed in both cases.

Making desisions around where to host and how to improve load speed can be difficult to make. If you are unsure where to start to begin to approach the China market online, a chat or email conversation with one of our knowledgeable team can help. Get in touch with us and begin the conversation.


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